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Dr. Rushmini took her vision to reality when she launch Marissa Slim way for every women in distress because of their bodies.

Some of might wonder, “Just what is Marissa Slim way?” or “what makes it any different from other Marissa’s programme?” Here, we can give you the experience to identify your own type of body, your own hormone reactions and other benefits that is very useful to lose weight for you to carve the most perfect silhouette you ever wanted. You can also check out updates in Marissa’s newfound researches or products. If that is not enough, you can also still maintain your body and keep track of your weight lost with us. So what are you waiting for?

Biodata Doctor

Originator of ‘Marissa Aesthetic and Anti-Aging Centre

‘Dr. Rushmini Maris Ismail’


Dr. Rushmini Maris Ismail has come a long way in a span of 15 years from a general practitioner to becoming a health and beauty specialist. Some years after graduating from Kastrurba Medical College, in India in 1997, with (MBBS) degree, she opened an out-patient clinic, Poliklinik Penawar at Semenyih, Selangor. However, her preoccupation with health and beauty shaped her destiny when she took the less beaten path for medical doctors in this country. Today, she stands tall among outstanding of small number of experts in health and beauty, a demanding and challenging field.

The turning point in her career occurred when she founded ‘Marissa Aesthetic and Anti-Aging Centre’ located at Poliklink Penawar in 2007. This decision was prompted by her realization that in order to be effective in treating her patients with chronic diseases and afflictions she needed more specialized knowledge. With this specialized knowledge she had greater confidence to treat patients which showed signs of premature aging as well.

This preoccupation took her to do her Master’s degree in Anti-aging and Regenerative medicine after having attended certificate courses from universities and institutes abroad in Germany, Bulgaria, Bangkok and Singapore in the preceding years.

Her venture into health and beauty has opened new dimensions in her career when she got invited as a speaker, trainer, and motivator. She has spoken on beauty to audience from government as well as business organization such as Malaysia Airline, Associations and universities. She is now well known in the country through various appearances on national television (on channel 3 and 1)   and on radio she is a regular speaker on Radio KL every Thursday. She has also been writing quite a lot contributing articles published by national newspapers and magazines. Her commitment to women’s well-being is evidenced by her publication of a book for would be mothers that has been reprinted three times.

Her experience as a health and beauty expert convinces her that health and beauty go together. Now, it has become some kind of a mission for her to spread the word around to drive home the point that hormonal imbalance is the cause, in most cases, of ailments suffered by elderly women. This is why her professional focus besides giving health and beauty treatment at her own clinic extends to conducting workshops and counselling sessions and talks for various organizations both in the private and public sector, Women groups, universities and even schools. However, her interest in writing is not diminished. She hopes to write on wide range of issues related to women’s well-being in this country. She hopes to write some books in the near future.


DR Rushmini Maris bt Ismail

REF: Doctor to doctor Sharing  about the modern epidemic, O B C T


Dear colleague in the medical world,

I hope you would glimpse through my letter in spite of your being so busy. I wish I could see you in person for an exchange of views and experience. But alas! time mercilessly dictates the affairs of doctors like us. In lieu of a visit let me speak through this communication and hope to hear from you on your experience as well.

As doctors we see more and more cases of obesity. The stubborn fat lump of protoplasm that cannot be removed by dieting and exercising is now termed notoriously as resistant obesity.

From my patients I gathered the following:

In the beginning, I am less than amused of my  reflection in the mirror

I tried to lose weight but ended up in famine and feasting cycle.

Doctor why, why  am I fat?  I am not overeating.

Exercise?  Oh, please, I exercise regularly .

Do I need liposuction?

From my experience treating obesity I gathered that:

Liposuction removes fat but definitely it will not help resistant obesity.

In resistant obesity fat is trapped in the body. It is energy that cannot be broken down to be used by the body as energy as the required hormones and enzymes are not sufficient to process it into energy. The body has to find other energy sources. It will make fuels from protein destroying the muscles in the process or demand more food by making us hungry. If we go against this demand  we become cranky and stressful. If we follow we come lumpier and more tired.

The body behaves like a car with the petrol not reaching the carburetor. This is a sign of metabolic failures. It means deficiency in the blood . Hormonal deficiency is not confined to just insulin. It could be other hormones such as thyroid , estrogen ,progesterone or dhea. Most of the time what meet the eye is obesity!

More important, I would like to share with you some recent findings from health scientists. This is about what is termed as insulin resistant referring to cases where insulin level is high but not able to burn down blood sugar. In this case studies suggest that the insulin is bounded to certain substances such as sugar or amine compounds. The insulin can be assayed but it cannot enter the mitochondria ..no energy can be produced but it could perform some functions such as making more adipocyte  !! .The body recognize there is too much food by assessing the amount of insulin! This give an impact to the pancreas. Finally the islet die and the person gets diabetes.

I have applied these principles based on correcting of the patient’s hormonal balance in order to treat resistant obesity. I have helped to restore joy to over a thousand of my patients.  My clinic therefore dedicates to treating and making people with resistant obesity well again.

I thank you for your kind attention and hope to meet and network with you in the future.

Have a great day!

Salam Dari Doktor


Assalamualaikum semua,

Terlebih dahulu saya Dr Rushmini Maris ingin mengucapkan ribuan terima kasih di atas kesudian tuan puan membaca warkah ini.

Saya ingin berkongsi dengan tuan puan sebuah kisah yang mencetus inspirasi kepada saya. Beberapa tahun dulu saya hanyalah seorang doktor yang membuka beberapa buah klinik  swasta. Perniagaan yang maju serta kehidupan yang murah rezeki telah saya nikmati ketika itu. Tugas saya mudah iaitu memberi ubat mengikut jenis sakit sesiapa yang berkunjung. Syukur kepada Allah SWT kerana membuka pintu rezeki dan menjadikan klinik saya sebuah klinik yang di sukai ramai.

Pesakit kencing manis dan darah tinggi memberi keuntungan tinggi kepada saya kerana mereka akan mengambil ubat setiap bulan dan mereka ini sangat ramai. Lagi pun penyakit itu tidak boleh sembuh maka mereka ialah asset yang penting bagi klinik saya kerana kunjungan yang tetap setiap bulan. Begitu juga sakit tulang, sendi, migraine dan obesity. Mereka ini juga bergantung kepada ubat yang saya jual.

Sebagai seorang doctor saya berterus terang kepada mereka bahawa penyakit kronik tidak mungkin sembuh. Itu yang saya belajar di sekolah perubatan dan saya berpegang  teguh kepada ilmu saya.

Apabila nenek saya menderita kerana kencing manis tak terkawal dan ibu saudara saya terlantar akibat arthritis yang teruk hati saya menjadi sayu sekali. Sebagai seorang doktor sudah tentu saya mahu memberi yang terbaik kepada mereka namun jelas sekali saya tidak berdaya melakukan nya. Saya melihat dua orang bapa saudara saya meninggal dunia akibat serangan jantung tanpa berupaya melakukan apa-apa, nenek yang saya sayangi juga akhirnya turut meninggal dunia,walaupun  kesemua mereka rajin makan ubat dan berulang alik ke klinik pakar setiap bulan namun jelas sekali ubat yang di ambil tidak dapat membantu.

Tiba-tiba ibu dan bapa  saya pula di sahkan mengalami darah tinggi, selepas makan ubat darah tinggi ibu saya menjadi lemah dan tidak ceria, begitu juga bapa. Kedua-duanya berubah menjadi murung  seolah olah hidup dalam  kedukaan yang saya sendiri tidak dapat jelaskan mengapa.

Lalu saya di belenggu persoalan adakah ubat-ubatan merupakan satu-satunya jalan penyelesaian? Mengapakah kesan ubat itu begitu buruk sekali?

Apabila saya sendiri mula mendapat tekanan darah tinggi  saya mula memahami apakah yang di rasai oleh ibu bapa saya, arwah nenek saya ,pak cik saya serta kesemua para pesakit yang mengambil ubat-ubatan sebegini. Setiap bulan mereka datang mengambil ubat kerana terpaksa. Ubat-ubat itu mengganggu mereka membuatkan mereka menjadi murung, tertekan, sukar tidur serta mendapat kesan sampingan yang lain.


Saya bersyukur kerana masalah yang saya hadapi membuka mata saya untuk mendalami dengan lebih mendalam menggenai persoalan ini. Saya berkunjung ke India bagi mengikuti kurus yang di jalankan oleh seorang doktor terkemuka dunia bernama Thiery Hertoge.

Dr Thiery Hertoge pernah di hukum di keluarkan pendaftaran sebagai pengamal perubatan lantaran kelantangan nya mengkritik perubatan barat, beliau berpendapat ubat-ubat hanya sekadar menahan sakit, untuk sembuh kita perlu memulihkan sistem hormon dalam tubuh kita. Hanya pemulihan hormon mampu memberi penyembuhan yang sebenar.

Beliau berkata kalenjar hormon manusia perlu di bajai kerana apabila hormon mati maka seseorang akan menjadi tua. Apabila hormon kita cantik kita akan muda dan bebas penyakit tidak kira berapa pun usia kita. Tidak hairan lah beliau yang berusia 70 tahun nampak seperti baru berusia 30 an.

Perubatan barat ialah suatu perniagaan yang besar. Menjual ubat darah tinggi, ubat kencing manis, ubat stroke, ubat jantung dan lain-lain merupakan satu perniagaan bagi mereka maka tidak mungkin mereka suka kan kaedah lain, bayangkan jika penduduk dunia semuanya sihat dan sukar mendapat penyakit, bagaimanakah perniagaan mereka ini akan berkembang?

Selama ini saya tidak percaya tentang pengambilan supliment atau makanan tambahan, bagi saya ia merupakan satu gimik di mana para pengusaha mahu meraih keuntungan semata mata. Keadaan mula berubah apabila saya faham bahawa dalam tubuh kita, kita memerlukan nutrisi yang tepat bagi membaiki sel yang rosak. Kalenjar hormon merupakan asas kesihatan seseorang, apabila kelenjar hormon  baik maka seseorang akan sihat dan muda. Kalenjar hormon memastikan sakit kencing manis sakit jantung, sakit gout, arthritis dan lain-lain di pulihkan. Kita mesti memulihkan dan membaiki kalenjar ini bagi membolehkan penyakit di sembuhkan.

Hormon insulin menghalang kencing manis, hormon adrenal menghalang arthritis, hormon  lain seperti thyroid, leptin, melatonin dan sebagainya mencegah obesity, kanser dan pelbagai sakit kronik.

Dengan mengambil pemakanan tambahan yang betul segala masalah kesihatan dapat di sembuhkan. Saya mula merawat diri sendiri, ibu bapa  serta ahli keluarga saya. Ternyata kaedah rawatan tanpa ubat dan hanya dengan unsur semula jadi seperti mineral unsur surih  yang tepat, oksigen dalam bentuk ozone serta hormon memberi hasil yang menakjubkan.

Ibu bapa saya  sembuh sepenuhnya dari darah tinggi, pak cik saya sembuh dari masalah jantung dan mak cik saya kini tiada lagi kencing manis. Saya sendiri bebas dari darah tinggi dan tenaga menjadi meningkat.

Hal ini sangat menggembirakan saya. Apabila kita sihat maka kita tampak  muda dan jelita. Saya berasa  terpanggil berkongsi kisah ini dengan tuan puan kerana saya mahu tuan puan juga merasa apa yang saya telah lalui.


Siapa kata kita tidak boleh sembuh dari kencing manis? siapa kata darah tinggi ialah penyakit yang perlu di deritai seumur hidup? bagaimana dengan gout, sakit jantung, masalah kolestrol dan lain- lain? obesity degil pula bagaimana? sebenarnya anda boleh sembuh jika anda berusaha dan faham mengenai nutrisi dan keperluan nutrisi. Justeru itu saya mengadakan bengkel kesihatan dan kecantikan secara percuma bagi anda yang inginkan pengetahuan dan mahu mengubah nasib diri sendiri.

Saya harap tuan puan akan datang ke bengkel saya dan belajar kaedah yang saya cipta khusus untuk anda . Ubat bukan keperluan tubuh badan, nutrisi dalam pelbagai bentuk ialah keperluan sebenar dan ia harus tepat dengan keperluan tubuh anda.

Kata pepatah “Tuntulah Ilmu Hingga Ke Negeri Cina” dan ilmu yang saya kongsikan akan membuka minda  anda. Insyaallah.



DR Rushmini Maris bt Ismail



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