Test Your Hormone (English Version)

Test Your Hormones

We need to emphasize that hormones play a major role in our physiological conditions. Hormones not only have the utmost control on our mood but also more than you can ever imagine. They can affect our weight, feelings of hunger, sleep quality and even hold the joystick for controlling where fats can accumulate in our body. So, when hormonal imbalance occurs in our body, it will definitely affect our health. The quiz below can help YOU to recognize what is YOUR hormone type. Types of hormones are able to show the severity of your hormonal imbalance which triggers any changes in your physiological conditions. You can aid to recover your hormone to normal.

Hunger Hormone: The Cause for Imbalance in Insulin and Cortisol

Effects From Extra Insulin

Even though Insulin are the saviour for diabetic patients, they play an important role to ensure the normal and balance proportions in our body, overdose of insulin can be the factor to make us fat. This is because extra amount of insulin will store unusable glucose as fats. Besides that, our body are unable to use accumulated fats as a source of energy. So, extra insulin are the obstruction for us to lose weight and lose fat. Especially fats accumulated at the stomach area which is the hardest part of area to get rid of fats.

Effects of Extra Cortisol

Effects of cortisol can also be seen on accumulated unnessescary fats at the stomach area. Both hormones which are cortisol and adrenalin are useful for our body to reduce stress. The main difference is, adrenaline acts when stress occurs in a certain time, however, cortisol fuctions to control stress to not overdue, meaning control stress to stop after certain time.

Penyelesaian dengan menimbangi hormone

Solve with balancing the hormones


This product can eliminate the bad side effects from stress hormones on muscles and brain cells. Best taken before going to sleep, 100mg, can help to give you’re your best, comfiest night sleep you can ever experienced.

Eat more of food that is enriched with phosphatidylserine, such as white beans, cabbage, barley, carrots and rice.

Working out to increase the strength of your muscles once or twice a week will help to lighten your mood, reduce anxiety, blood pressure and other desease related to the heart.
Basil leaves were found to reduce cortisol and help our body to deal with stress. It also help to balance out your sugar level and insulin activities in your blood. Best taken a pinch a day for a month.

Eat a balanced diet with appropriate amount of protein, fats and carbohydrates for three meals a day. Take extra fibre and blueberries to improve insulin sensitivity. Try for weeks straight for a clear effect

Drink 2-4 cups of green tea everyday to improve the fat burning process and the glucose cycle in the body. To get the fastest effects, try drinking after eating meals that contains starch.

Add cinnamon to your diet. Take in one and a quarter of spoon or half a teaspoon a day.

Solution For Hormonal Imbalance

Take 500-200gm of HTP daily. It is useful to produce serotonin so that it reduces hunger and prevent insomnia.

Rhodiola can increase studious capacity, strengthen memory and decrease moodiness. It also can reduce depression to the extent of accelerating serotonin and dopamine.

Recommended to take 200-400 mg daily.

Food which contains sources that can increase serotonin are brown rice, cheese, meat, peas and sesame seed. On the other hand, these food contains a high amount of tyrosine in almond, avocado, bananas, unprocessed milk, pumpkin seeds and sesame seed.

Meditation can also increase serotonin level that can improve sex and etc

Growth hormon

These growth hormones can affect each cells in our body. So, it makes the perfect sense that it can affect moodiness, physiological and our looks. Rejuvenating hormones aree secreted at night time and when we exercise. It is needed for tissue repair, rebuild muscles, add density to the bone and maintain a healthy body composition. Low level of these hormones also contributes to obesity and fat in the stomach area after menopause.
It is normal for these hormones to rupture as we age. However, low quality of sleep and low level of melatonin can also cause these hormones production to decrease. Without sufficient melatonin, we can age quicker and take more time to burn a small amount of fat.

The vitality of melatonin is so important because it is a strong anti-oxidant which retains youth, increase sleep quality, libido, energy and also protects the body from ail.

One other important components of the three anti-aging chains is DHEA. It is the highest quantity in our body. It strengthen the system to prevent disease, helps to repair tissue, increase the sleep quality, and avoid bad side effects of extra cortisol. It helps our body to eliminate fats and strengthen the muscles. With the combination repairs from the 3 hormones able to make you feel younger and bigger curve.

Solution for Hormonal Balance

7-keto DHEA: based on research, 7-keto increases metabolism, decreases fat, protect us from dangerous side effect of overdose cortisol and prevent you body from decreases metabolism for example; when you are having a diet.advised to take 25-100 mg twice daily.

Melatonin: Ambil 0.5 mg dengan meletak dibawah lidah setiap hari membantu tidur yang baik. Untuk meningkat melation asli dalam badan tidur dalam gelap sepenuhnya berpakain nipis.

Melatonin: take 0.5 mg, put under the tongue daily can help you sleep well.

Walnuts: contains natural melatonin.

Cherry tart juice: This juice can help to increase melatonin.

Hormone Quiz


• I am losing hair at the middle of my head.
• There are wrinkles and strong lines when I started to lose weight
• My breast are sagging
• My face is hairy
• Dry eyes
• Sometimes my muscles feel tingly
• I always feel fatigue
• I am depressed
• When I am on my period, it is very little blood comes out.
• My period is very long, sometimes take more than a month
• It has been a long time since my last menstruation, I do not feel like having sex

Calculate your total——————————————————————-————–

Total of 10 or less: satisfying level

Between 1120: there is a possibility of short of oestrogen
21 or more: high possibility of lacking of oestrogen

• Big breasts
• I have anxiety frequently
• I sleep poorly and when I wake up, I do not feel refreshed.
These questions is for women who haven’t reach menopause yet or taking hormone replacement therapy (HRT)
• My breast swell, flaccid, slab and painful before menstruation
• My lower part of my stomach area hurts and swollen.
• I am cranky and easily get mad.
• I lost control easily
• My blood comes out very furiously during menstruation.

Total up your scores————————————————————-———————

Women who had menopause who did not take HRT (or any oestrogen treatment or progesterone): 4 or less, satisfying. Between 5 and 8: probably lack of progesterone. 9 or more: big possibility of lacking progesterone.
Women in menstruation and took HRT (oestrogen or progesterone): 10 or less: average. Between 11 and 20: possible of lacking of progesterone. 21 and above: high possibility of lacking progesterone.

• My face sags and have a lot of wrinkles
• I lost my body tone
• My middle area is fatty
• I am always tired
• I don’t want to mate like I used to

• My chest are fatty
• I lose my confidence and hesitant
• My sexual relations are less satisfying than it used to
• I always feel warm around my body and sweaty
• I get tired easily after doing any physical activities

TOTAL UP YOUR SCORES———————————————–————–—

For women: 5 or less: average. Between 6 and 10: possible to lack of testosterone. 11 and above: high possibility of lacking of testosterone.
Score for men: 10 or less: average. Between 11 and 20: possible of lacking of testosterone. 21 above: high possibility of lacking of testosterone.

• My hair is thinning.
• My cheeks are sagging
• My gums are hurting
• I have a belly flab
• My muscles are inflexible
• My skin is thin and dry
• I take a long time to refresh after physical activity
• I feel weak
• I don’t like people, I want to be alone
• I feel anxious and nervous

TOTAL UP YOUR SCORES—————————————————-———————

Total scores 10 or less is average. Between 11 to 20: possible to lack of growth hormones. 21 or more: high possibility of lack of growth hormones.

• My hair is dry
• My skin is rough
• My muscles are inelastic
• My stomach bloats
• I don’t have a lot of armpit hair
• I don’t have pubic hairs
• I don’t have fatty tissues at my cuticle
• My body does not secrets any smell during orgasm
• I cant stand loud noises
• My libido is low

TOTAL UP YOUR SCORES—————————————————-———————

Total scores 10 or less: average. Scores between 11 to 20: possible of lacking of DHEA. 21 or more: high possibility of lacking of DHEA.

• I am sensitive to cold
• My feet and hands are freezing
• My face are swollen every morning
• I gain weight easily
• My skin is dry
• I have a hard time waking up in the morning
• I am more tired when resting than when I exercise
• I have constipation constantly
• My joints are tense in the morning
• I feel like I live in a damp area

TOTAL UP YOUR SCORES—————————————————-———————

Total scores 10 or less: average. Between 11 to 20: possible of lacking of thyroid. 21 or more: big possibility of lacking of thyroid.

• I forget easily
• My joints hurt (fingers, wrists, elbows, feet, knuckles, ankle, knees)
• I feel weak and have a hard time dealing with stress
• I don’t see colours as bright as I used to
• I lost interest with arts, I used to love it
• I have no armpit and pubic hairs
• I have lax muscles
• My urine is very bright in colour in the afternoon.
• I have low blood pressure
• I crave for salty food

TOTAL UP YOUR SCORES—————————————————————

Totak scores or less: average. Between 11 and 20: possible of lacking of pregnenolone. 21 or more: high possibility of lacking of pregnenolone.

• I look older than what my actual age is
• I have insomnia
• I frequently wake up in the middle of the night
• I cant go back to sleep after waking up
• My mind are frazzled and anxious when trying to sleep
• My feet are warmer at night
• When I wake up, I don’t feel refresh at all
• I feel ostracised, always waking up at night sleep in the afternoon
• I get jet lag easily
• I drink alcohol, smoke, or use sleeping pills

TOTAL UP YOUR SCORES—————————————————-———————

Total scores 10 or less: average. Between 11 to 20: possible of lacking of melatonin. 21 or more: big possibility of lacking of melatonin.

Face and Skin
• I have fine lines at the corner of my eyes.
• I have rough wrinkles above m lips to lower part of my nose
• I developed eczema on my face, psoriasis and dark pada muka saya terdapat eczema, psoriasis and dark rings.
• There is a line between my browse
• There is wrinkles on my forehead
• I have red spots on my cheeks and nose
• My skin on my hand are rough and thin
• I have a thick skin on my face
• I have lines on the side of my mouth
• I have dark circle around my eyes

TOTAL UP YOUR SCORES—————————————————-———————

Total scores 10 or less: average . between 11 to 20: possible of effect from The Sun or aging. 21 or more big possibility of effect of The Sun and aging. Your doctor can provide anti oxidant cream that can reduce wrinkles on the face. The cream can also treat sunburns.



1. Do you feel tired

2. Do you have a hard time waking up in the morning?

1. Do you experienced less urge to have sex? YES NO

2. Is your pubic area less sensitive? YES NO
3. Do you feel your erection is lax? YES NO
4. Do you feel you are no longer attracted to your partner? YES NO
5. Does the vagina lubrication dry? YES NO
1 Do you have low quality of sleep? YES NO
2 Do you rarely dream? YES NO


1. Are you forgetful? YES NO

2. Do you have problems in focusing? YES NO


1. Do you have bad wrinkles on your face?YES NO

2. Do you have wrinkles around your eyes?
3. Do you have any aging symptoms?
4. Is your skin dry and thin?
5. Does your hair falls or changes colour?


1. Do you have a potbelly? Is the potbelly gets bigger upfront?
2. Woman only: Do you own big breasts and does it get bigger during menstruation?
3. Does your hips and thighs big and fat? Do you own a pear figure? YES NO


1. Do you easily fatigue? YES NO
2. Are your blood pressure normal YES NO
3. Are you easily anxious, nervous and cranky? YES NO
4. Does loud noises annoys you? YES NO
5. Do you feel stressed all the time? YES NO


1 Do you suffer from artrithis? YES NO
2 Do you suffer osthereosis at your thighs? YES NO
3 Do you have fibromyalgia (joint pain and fatigue fever) YES NO
4 Are you losing strength and tone on your muscles? YES NO
5 Are you losing bone density at your spine, thighs, arms, wrists, and/or legs? YES NO

O Factor– Oestrogen domination

Oestrogen basically is female hormone that plays a role of to prepare the body for the most optimum condition for pregnancy.

This preparation consists of strengthen the cells and uterine walls so that it would be ready for fertilisation.

When fertilisation does not occur, the oestrogen level will drop instantly and the uterine walls will come out during menstruation.

What will happen if fertilisation fails, but oestrogen level still rise? The uterine wall will thickens and menstruation blood will increase in amount causing menstrual bleeding (menorrhagia)

Oestrogen dominance happening now mostly happens to women in ovulation. Women in that state, will have their endometriosis and polycystic ovarian syndrome which will worsen the oestrogen dominance and the hormones will never return to normal.

Oestrogen dominant Symptoms

Irregular menstruation and a lot of blood.
Frequent fluid retention
Sagging breast
Constant mood swings, depression.
Fat in waist area, thigh and stomach.
Low level of libido

How Oestrogen Domination Occurs


Inflammation is the biggest factor in aramatese activity. Inflammation condition causes the increase in cyclo-oxygenase-2 which is an enzyme (COX-2). This leads to an increase in the production of prostaglandlin 2 (PGE2) and cytokines such as TNF them – alpha, which shows a positive correlation with aromatase activity and an increase in oestrogen. This leads to an increase in the production of prostaglandlin 2 (PGE2) and cytokines such as TNF them – alpha, which shows a positive correlation with aromatase activity and an increase in oestrogen.

Weight gain

Increased body weight or obesity increase aromatase activity level and this leads to the occurrence of inflammatory that encourage oestrogen production.

Increase in Androgens

Oestrogen dominance occurs from an increase in androgens (eg, testosteren), which is observed as a result of polycystic ovarian syndrome (PCOS). In the event of the existence of obesity and inflammatory in androgen receptor this change becomes excessive oestrogen (primarily E1).

Contraceptive pills

Contraceptive Pill contains oestrogen and definitely contribute to aggravating circumstances in advance of endrogen, depends on the dose and the effect of the pill pregnancy will be long in the body.

Occurrence of cramp, pain and an irregular menstrual period also stems from the problem of progesterone and oestrogen in the first instance. Coupled with this pill engineering planning becomes worse.

Xenoestrogen exposure

Xenoestrogen attributed material from outside. It may be due to exposure to insecticides or food (dioxin) or cosmetics (paraben) and bisphenol-A in plastic drinking water and food storage containers.

Xenoestrogen, combined with the existing burden of oestrogen in the body leads to estrogen dominance can lead to breast cancer and uterine.

Treatment to avoid exposure to Xenoestrogen, improve to clean out excessive oestrogen which can minimize the impacts on our body.

Lacking cleaning ability

Cleaning the oestrogen out from the body occurs during metabolic process in the liver sends oestrogen to the inner bowels. Interruption between these processes causes oestrogen domination.

The necessary essential nutrients are folic acid, B12, B6 and magnesium by adding cabbage, bean sprouts and broccoli to our diet because these foods can speed up the removal of excessive oestrogen to material that is soluble that can be removed by the body.

Detox process can be assisted with oestrogen using Sulforaphane. Diet that contains high fibre content is very helpful for the oestrogen detoxification process. It also can reduce bad bacteria that approximated at the bundle of oestrogen.

At the present time the problem stems from the dominance of oestrogen to health is very challenging. If this problem is not taken care properly, consequences in terms of health can be critical. We need to understand hormone balance is the utmost key for us to feel great, look great and be able to enjoy the blessings of real life.

Take these into consideration to do the following when taking steps to balance the oestrogen dominance problems

Avoid exposure to strong xenoestrogen and phytoestrogen.                                                       Manage properly to reduce stress
Eat foods that do not contain synthetic hormone, and materials such as pesticide and antibiotic
Take extra food should contain essential nutrients that help the body
Exercise to stimulate detox process and positive blood cycle
Be in appositive and healthy circle of friends

Cortisol- Stress Hormones

Cortisol are called stress hormone because it is secreted when stress, fright or high anxiety occurs

Cortisol are made from adrenal and in this modern lifestyle, adrenal gland are forced to work hard.

A healthy adrenal gland secrets 20mg cortisol daily but in stress, it can produce 10 times more.

Now, a lot of researches conclude 80% of adults suffer tiredness causing from multiple adrenal fatigue.

During stress, cortisol stimulate the chronic inflammation and worst biggest part caused rapid aging, cancer, which probably can cause death in young age. That is why cortisol are also dubbed as death hormone.

Cortisol submerged the vital hormones such as DHEA, known as rejuvenating hormone.

Cortisol causes sugar level in the blood to rise, causng the blood to absorb tonnes of acid into the body. High acidity in blood can cause an epidemic of disease such as diabetes, heart problems and cancer.

Cortisol stress and chronic stress

Stress actually is not the reason for the absorption of acid in blood. It is called stress hormone because the absorption occurs with more urgency when occurrence of stress a person to fight or run away. Response to stress cause a lot of changes in the body.
There is positive in the increase in cortisol:

Radiating energy suddenly to avoid death.
Improve memory functions.
Helps prevent disease.
Lowering pain.

Cortisol is one of the useful parts of the body to the body in the direction of action against stress but what is important, the response to return columns, is necessary so that the body can return to normal function after an incident involving stress.

Cortisol Circle

The level of cortisol fluctuations occur throughout the day. for example, the highest level occurred beginning in the morning and start the day. the lowest levels are found in the evenings.

Cortisol levels change throughout the day depending on your lifestyle.
Some of the reasons attributed to the lifestyle that has the effect of cortisol hormone levels in the body:
• Taking sufficient caffeine: it is best to take a coffee before 12 noon every day because the cortisol levels are at its peak at that time
• insomnia or insufficient sleep: due to the level of the lowest cortisol fall at its lowest at 10pm at night and inability of you to sleep well continually increases cortisol hormone
• Exercise for too long. Heavy and prolonged recreation in the morning found to risen the cortisol rate into the body. Your body produces more cortisol to maintain the level of glucose in the blood.
• Hypo-oestrogenism for women after menopause. Hypo-oestrogenism and taking melotonin found to increase the cortisol level for women post-menopause.
• Commute long distances. Has been observed fatigue can cause increased levels of cortisol.

In addition to available drugs can also affect cortisol levels. Women who take the contraceptive pill oestrogen or pregnancy can be considered to have a high level of cortisol.

On the other hand, drugs such as phenytoin and endrogen revealed to increase the level of cortisol.

The level of cortisol in the adrenal suppression Fatigue levels are affected by the condition of body fatigue adrenal suppression. There are 4 State area of adrenal suppression with certain effects:

Type 1
This stage saw the event high cortisol levels as well as the level of DHEA, which is also high. This is called a State of alert “alarm-stage”. High cortisol level causes cravings for sugar, giving rise to confusion of mind, weight gain, hot flushes-hot flushes not volatile, fluid retention, anxiety, glucose intolerance, increased blood pressure and increased heart rate.
High levels of cortisol also reduces serotonin levels and our melatonin that can cause depression and insomnia. The body’s immunity system which can cause chronic== disease and get infected

Type 2
This stage referred to as hyper level or the level of adjustment (adaptation) in which cortisol and DHEA levels remain high. They may feel common fatigue and a feeling of wanting to rest only.
High level of cortisol can withstand T4 from occurring at metabolism. T4 is the thyroid gland prohormone which is produced by the thyroid that became the T3 through the process of metabolism. This can cause the thyroid balance not called T3 dominance in reverse (reverse) which will show symptoms at the adrenals.

Type 3
This level is the level of customization phase where continuation of cortisol decreased at a low level throughout the day as well as DHEA and we have low adrenal suppression function.
Obtain common fatigue, rapid mood swings, sleep interrupted by (insomnia), the thyroid hormone malnutrition, altered glucose tolerance and blood pressure.

Type 4
These levels are called level lost force (exhaustion). The level of cortisol and DHEA are very low. Depressive state lead to insomnia, loss, diabetes, cardiovascular disease, there is a problem less disease (degenerative) capabilities and cancer is a possibility that could happen.

Identifying your cortisol levels
To find out the level of pre-existing fatigue adrenal suppression (fatigue adrenal suppression) you are getting the right treatment to be done inspection.
Saliva testing is recommended to measure the level of DHEA and cortisol in four time throughout the day. There are test tools (test kits) which is handy, you can do a test at home on your own.

The test of the thyroid (T3, T4, and reverse T3) is also recommended because as has been shown, has thyroid imbalance also affects fatigue adrenal suppression that affects fatigue incurred patients.

Some tips to control any cortisol imbalance

Some lifestyle changes, eating your way to adrenal suppression and some herb adaptogen type can help you get a good seasoning cortisol throughout the day.

First tip: create a few changes in how you take care of yourself

Select a way to reduce stress and lower cortisol levels before going to bed:
Turn off the TV- during the evening. Read a book. You’ll find you’ll be able to sleep well.
Black out the room. Reason; if any light seen by your eyes pineal gland (endocrine organ in the brain) you will not be able to withdraw your melatonin that you need to get a good sleep

Listen to relaxing music
Shower with hot water mixed with salt before going to sleep
Use lavender oil
Ask a person to give you a foot massage- when high cortisol know that too much energy (energy) already dominate your head. Foot massage is an excellent way to calm nervous energy in your head.
Make a list of things you are grateful for

Tip Two: eat food supplement called adatogen

We can sleep a lot better if we use a lot of energy during the day.
Adaptogen allows our body to adapt with stress and also strengthen defence from disease
Effect of adoptogen is not focused on any part but overall with stabilizes the condition or restore back the conditions due to imbalances physical or emotional stress.
Examples of emotional and physical stress include depression, anxiety, tension of noise and tension jobs, stress from chemicals of alcohol, salt, environment and allergic rhinitis also changes such as change the height setting of the place we are, extreme climate and the daily rythm-change.

Listed types of adaptogen is good to use

The most famous type of herbs is licorice (glycyrrhiza) that can be increased with acting on cortisol enzyme cycle. Therefore it is said to be good for those who suffer from the weakness of adrenal suppression (exhaustion) for them in the first stage of the occurrence of fatigue (fatigue) adrenal suppression.
Ashwagandha – herbs that can boost energy and sharpness of mind throughout the day and the study also shows that there affect lowering cortisol.
Rhodiola have been used traditionally to strengthen and extend the life of physical endurance. This herb helps reduce fatigue, depression and give an additional inner energy. The content was Rhodiola rosavin and in effect salidrosides to normalize cortisol levels are high.
Korean ginseng is a herb reputed to help balance hormone levels and prevent excessive cortisol production. This Rhodiola herb used millennia and is believed to be able to fight diseases resulting from stress.

Adaptogen which is also considered to have the potential for this purpose is gynostemma, astragalus, schizandra and rehmannia.

Third Tip: essential nutrients for nutrition adrenal
Suppression: vitamin c is a proper nutrition to maintain the function of adrenal suppression, we actually keep the most vitamin c in gland adrenal suppression.

When in a State of stress there are most likely vitamin c released via the urine.
To maintain the rate of vitamin C take 2500mg daily or at least 1000 mg per day to maintain the function of adrenal suppression and the resilience of the disease.
B vitamins are necessary and vitamin B5 (pentothenic acid) if deficiencies can shrink the gland adrenal suppression. Try 100-150mg B vitamins every day.
The energy level of a person depends on the supply of magnesium and Coenzyme Q 10. Magnesium diffuse better in the form of citrate.
Coq10 antioxidant is often low. Try to take 150-300mg per day.
Cortisol production requires amino acids (phenylalanine) and tyrosine. Quality and protein supplement protein diet can be helpful for this purpose.

This assessment is the initial step to help you find out whether your cortisol levels balanced. Sketch your score for each answer and enter the number into the compartments provided.
0 = never
1 = sometimes
2 = occasionally on an ongoing basis
3 = frequently
4= on going
I get dizzy when I wake up too fast
I crave for salty food
I have eczema, psoriasis or spots on my skin
My heart beats too fast
I have low blood pressure
I crave for sweets
I get tired on certain of the day
I have allergies
My life is stressful
No one can stop the aging process. But the heartening news is that by making use of knowledge as a result of biomedical research, it is possible to slow down the process of aging and under what circumstances there is a possibility for the occurrence of reverse-aging.
Aging is actually the effect of cumulative cell damage from time to time commencing from the beginning of the existence of a person. When you reach sexual maturity level, the rate of destruction is faster and a lot more. The longer we wait to act against it, the more difficult it is to control or change the situation to get better.
If you start at the age of thirties it may take six months to control if you wait when you are 50 or 60, it will take between 3 to 5 years. At that time also you’ve expose yourself to risk facing physical capacity or less deadly consequences and at that time also you might require a more complex therapy.
I see the hormones in our body as tools in an orchestra; they all play their own role in the most perfect tune to the most perfect verse- until one day one of the tune are not in sync to ruin the song.
Although it’s been many years, I still remember among my patients, first distressed, because I see her hormone disorders. She’s a pretty woman before stricken the problem within the early forties. At that time, her body looks a bit heavy though have tried several diet. She did not managed to reduce the excess weight. After we talked and got to know a few more things that haunted her, such as dry skin, brittle hair, lack of energy (although after breakfast) I realized I need to test her thyroid levels. I was right, it was too low. With appropriate treatment, the patient’s skin and her energy improved and she no longer is caught in a problem resulting from chemical conditions involving hormone malnutrition.
Each person should not undergo life with hormone problems that cannot be treated. Among them there are some who need medicine and some just need to change their lifestyle, but problems with almost all of them can be treated. This is a guide to spot any signs of hormone imbalance and what you can do to recover to a state of harmony.

If you are overweight, you may have excessive oestrogen levels; fat cells produce hormones, so actually the excess fat is causing too much oestrogen in the body. This can be a matter of serious cause excess oestrogen can lead to breast and uterine cancer.
At the time of menopause, all women experience a drop in oestrogen levels, along with side effects such as hot, warm flushes on the face, headaches and sore joints. What you can do, if you assume the load weight, leisure and manage your diet: losing weight can improve the balance of oestrogen and thus reduce your risk to cancer (a woman who post menopause can lose 5% body weight could cut the risk of cancer by 50%) I recommend a high oestrogen level women, avoid foods that are high in phytoestrogens content (made from soy).


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