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As a trace mineral, Selenium is renowned for its antioxidant properties, which are responsible for the ability of anti-virus and anti-cancer. There is a lot of selenium-rich foods, including meat, fish, Brazilian beans and garlic.

However the amount of Selenium in food depends on the environment and the land on which they were grown. Thus, in Malaysia it is difficult for us to obtain significant levels in Selenium from foods we eat, make natural mineral supplements which are increasingly important.

Selenium antioxidant properties play an important role in protecting the muscles from oxidative damage, which is one of the main causes for the loss of strength that many people feel like they are getting older by the minute. Lack of Selenium can cause damage not only the heart and muscles, but can also cause skin aging such as lines and wrinkles. Those with the highest levels of Selenium have the strength of the body above and below the hindrance and is much better done when researchers assessed reflex knee and hips, their hands. Those with the lowest levels of Selenium which has a two-fold more opportunities as the highest level are in the lowest group to muscle strength.

Other benefits;
1) Accelerate the fat burning process
2) Stimulate the detox process.

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